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API Manual

Webhook / Instant Payment Notification (IPN)

Setup a webhook notifications URL to be notified when a payment status changes.

Payment data is sent using JSON format in the HTTP message body.

Webhook handler should not perform lengthy processing and should return as soon as possible. Connection timeout is set to 2 seconds.

Webhook handler must respond with HTTP status code 200. Any other code is considered a failure.

Your server URL:

You can setup your webhook notifications URL in your API Settings.

HTTP message body data:


After receiving a webhook you should use the CheckPayment API call to retrieve the current status for the payment.
Security warning: when using a reference_no always validate that it matches the reference_no from the CheckPayment API response.

IP addresses

The full list of IP addresses that webhook notifications may come from:


System will try to deliver a webhook notification up to 5 times or until a successful delivery occurs, whichever happens first. If first attempt fails, the second one is triggered after approximately 1 minute. The third one is delayed for 3 more minutes, fourth for 30 minutes and the last one for 3 hours.

In the webhook notifications log it is possible to see details of all of the notifications, along with delivery attempts, reason for their failure, status code and response body (if available). By clicking "resend" button a manual delivery is attempted. Manual delivery does not affect the timing of automatic deliveries, it does however cancel any automatic delivery attempts if it completes successfully. Manual sending of notifications is always available.