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Fee Schedule


For merchants who will use our Payment Gateway service for accepting crypto payments in their physical stores using our web application, POS terminals, or will fully integrate payment gateway into their POS software using our API.

Also for online stores using our widget or full integration into website using our API.

Service Fee (in EUR)
Setup Fee   €0.00
KYC  €20.00 Special Promotion in March: €0.00
Monthly fee   €0.00
POS Terminal
€199.00 / piece
Transaction fee    1.9%


  1. Limitlex will create a merchant account and cryptocurrency wallets for the merchant for receiving payments in bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC) and ether (ETH) cryptocurrencies. The merchant account and cryptocurrency wallets will be created free of charge for the merchant.
  2. When accepting a payment in cryptocurrency, the amount will be displayed to the merchant both in the EUR currency and in the selected cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency amount is calculated according to the exchange rate valid at the moment of payment.
  3. Limitlex guarantees to the merchant the exchange rate as displayed at the moment of starting the payment, reduced by a percentage (Limitlex’s fee) as agreed between Limitlex and merchant in the Cryptocurrency Exchange Contract.
  4. Settlements are executed once a week or immediately when the aggregate payments received in a given cryptocurrency exceed the value of €1,000.
  5. The Limitlex fees for exchanging cryptocurrencies are normally lower than transaction fees for processing credit cards payments!
  6. The crypto payment gateway is available to both online stores and physical retail stores, restaurants, bars, etc.


  1. Create your merchant account via registration form.
  2. Complete the KYC procedure.
  3. Upon approving your application, we will activate your merchant account and provide the instructions for processing crypto payments.

Terms of Service

B2B - Agents

For agents who want to offer our Payment Gateway to their customers/merchants.

Service Fee (in EUR)
Setup Fee  €0.00
KYC €20.00
Monthly fee  €0.00
Revenue share - Agent C  20% Agent / 80% Limitlex
Revenue share - Agent B  25% Agent / 75% Limitlex
Revenue share - Agent A  30% Agent / 70% Limitlex

B2B - White Label

For companies who want to offer a Payment Gateway under their own brand and only need a software and technology to start the business.

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