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API Installation Manual


LimitlexPAY allows users to interact with trading platform programmatically via HTTP API, located at link. API allows users to view, add and cancel payments as well as check if payment was successful.

Performing a call

API calls are generated with URL, followed by endpoint URL and request data. Each API call requires:

  • pos_id

For localization you can use locale parameter:

  • locale


API calls are authenticated using HTTP Basic access authentication. You can generate your API key in your Account.

Error handling

On error there will be err element in result. Err value contains error description.

API reference

API calls are performed by sending a HTTP request to URL starting with link, followed by endpoint URL and request data.

Method Request Response
GET /GetRate/?pos_id={pos_id}&invoice_currency={invoice_currency}&invoice_amount={invoice_amount}&currency={currency}&accept_zero_confirmations={accept_zero_confirmations} returns {invoice_amount, invoice_currency, currency, rate, amount_exchange, network_processing_fee, amount, fast_transaction_fee, fast_transaction_fee_currency, wait_time}
GET /StartPayment/?pos_id={pos_id}&invoice_currency={invoice_currency}&invoice_amount={invoice_amount}&currency={currency}&invoice_no={invoice_no}&accept_zero_confirmations={accept_zero_confirmations} returns {invoice_amount, invoice_currency, currency, rate, amount_exchange, network_processing_fee, amount, fast_transaction_fee, fast_transaction_fee_currency, wait_time, address, qr, qr_alt, qr_img, qr_alt_img}
GET /CheckPayment/?pos_id={pos_id}&currency={currency}&invoice_no={invoice_no}&address={address} returns {invoice_amount, invoice_currency, currency, amount, payment, confirmations, min_confirmations, confirmed, wait_time, status}
GET /CancelPayment/?pos_id={pos_id}&currency={currency}&invoice_no={invoice_no}&address={address} returns {cancelled}
GET /GetCurrencyList/ returns [{currency,description}...]

Replace {text} with request data: (e.g {pos_id} -> 123, {invoice_currency} -> EUR)

Parameter Meaning
pos_id Point of service identification number
invoice_no Invoice number
invoice_currency Currency code for FIAT currency on invoice (EUR, USD..)
invoice_amount Amount on invoice for FIAT currency
currency Cryptocurrency symbol (BTC, ETH..)
accept_zero_confirmations Confirms small payment on zero confirmations (use only when POS is under video surveillance)
locale Set locale string for requested localization
Output Meaning
rate Exchange rate
amount_exchange Amount to exchange to get value on the invoice
network_processing_fee Amount needed to transfer cryptocurrency from merchant to exchange
amount Total amount to pay
fast_transaction_fee Minimum TX fee/Gas price for fast transacion.
fast_transaction_fee_currency Currency for fast_transaction_fee (e.g.: BTC/byte, Gwei/Gas)
address Address for payment
qr String for qr code that includes cryptocurrency, address and amount
qr_alt Alternative string for qr code for legacy wallets including address only
qr_img Url for qr code image download
qr_alt_img Url for qr_alt code image download
payment Recevied amount of payment
confirmations Received confirmations of payment
min_confirmations Minimum confirmations to wait (this is informal data. Allways wait till confirmed=true)
wait_time Expected time to wait
confirmed Is transaction successful and confirmed
cancelled Is cancellation successful
status Status info for user about payment status

Return values

API returns results in JSON format.

Get rate

Display informational rate and amount to customer. Should be refreshed on GUI every five seconds till StartPayment is called.




"invoice_amount": "48.25",
"invoice_currency": "EUR",
"currency": "BTC",
"rate": "6467.18",
"amount_exchange": "0.00701574",
"network_processing_fee": "0.00000152",
"amount": "0.00701726",
"fast_transaction_fee": "0.00000009",
"fast_transaction_fee_currency": "BTC/Byte",
"wait_time": "5 seconds"

Start payment

StartPayment is called when customer confirms that will pay in crypto. New address is generated and returned. On return invoice should be finished and transfer window displayed in one edge.




"invoice_amount": "48.25",
"invoice_currency": "EUR",
"currency": "BTC",
"rate": "6467.35",
"amount_exchange": "0.00701496",
"network_processing_fee": "0.00000152",
"amount": "0.00701648",
"fast_transaction_fee": "0.00000009",
"fast_transaction_fee_currency": "BTC/Byte",
"wait_time": "5 seconds",
"address": "33P6AnQfheFxnajXQwFas5jyo1nuhTY4M8",
"qr": "bitcoin:33xeiPtrH2Fuia8NtxKe9KMsU1e2qa44fP?amount=0.00843504",
"qr_alt": "33xeiPtrH2Fuia8NtxKe9KMsU1e2qa44fP",
"qr_img": "",
"qr_alt_img": ""

Check payment

CheckPayment checks the payment to blockchain and returns if transaction is confirmed or not. It shoud be refreshed periodically till confirmed=true or CancelPayment must be called if payment will not be made.




"invoice_amount": "48.25",
"invoice_currency": "EUR",
"currency": "BTC",
"amount": "0.00668125",
"payment": "0.00000000",
"confirmations": 0,
"min_confirmations": 0,
"confirmed": false,
"status": "Waiting for transaction.",
"wait_time": "5 seconds"

Cancel payment

It is very important that payment is Canceled if transfer will not be made from any reason.




"cancelled": true

Get a list of currencies

GetCurrencyList returns array of currencies for current user.